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Remote coding is a convenient and cost-effective solution to meet your coding demands. Our remote medical coding Services cover every specialty, inpatient and outpatient, and virtually any volume needs. Our expert coding support services allow our clients nationally to evaluate and improve their financial performance, meet compliance obligations, increase cash flow, and streamline operations. Healthcare organizations including providers and payers must keep pace with ever-changing coding and reimbursement standards and methodologies. AMS Health offers unsurpassed accuracy and exceptional results, ensuring our partners realize improved operational efficiency, decreased billing lag time, decreased employee turnover, and reduced turnaround time for coding services.


Coding Services – Strengthen your healthcare organization with a variety of coding capabilities, including outsourced coding services (Facility & Professional), temporary placement services, Health Information Management (HIM) consulting and coding management, and ICD-10 planning support, and training.


Maximize productivity and accuracy

American Medical Services (AMS) coding solutions are designed for consistent high accuracy and guaranteed turnaround. We use various systems like VPN Systems, Six Sigma Validated workflow processes to integrate remote coding and workflow management to accelerate task completion for better and faster coding.

Our AHIMA & AAPC Credentialed Medical Coders have extensive experience coding all types of patient records including inpatient, outpatient and professional fee.

Key benefits:

  • Increase coding throughput and cash flow
  • Reduce DNFB accounts
  • High-quality, accurate code assignments
  • Maintain compliance with independent review team
  • ICD-10 Ready Coding department extension
  • Streamline coding operations

Our qualified medical coding staff will apply ICD-9-CM coding conventions, official ICD-9-CM Coding Guidelines, CMS regulations and policies and DRG optimization techniques, as well as reference the AHA’s Coding Clinic. Our certified and qualified medical coding staff has a minimum of 5 years experience in inpatient facility (DRG) coding. Our coders carry one or a combination of the following credentials: RHIA, RHIT, CPC and/or CCS. We search our database to find the medical coder that matches the needs of your medical center.

Medical Facility Health System Deliverables

Remote access to Coding Software for entering all codes

Staff to collect, assemble and analyze medical records for scanning, ensuring as complete a record as possible

Designate a point of contact to serve as liaison between the medical facility health system and AMS team

Experienced and certified USA based medical coders dedicated to your facility, available for immediate access as per need.

On-Demand Coding Teams are the most effective way for providers to get their records coded. With the click of a button facilities can instantly access our expert coders, and resolve backlogs before your AR turns into a liability.

Why Coding Teams?

A Flexible, Full Solution

At AMS Health we focus on bringing best in class talent to the challenges our clients face.

Instant access to coders means that you will never have a coding backlog again, finally creating consistent revenue capture.

We can be a just-in-time DNFB Coding solution, a full-time partner, or act as your entire coding department.

How It Works

Coding Teams Make Your Life Easy


With instant access to a coding team you can prevent backlogs before they begin. We manage and train each team on the ins and outs of your specific organization.


Our coding teams are customized to your hospital’s needs. We can take on full or partial department outsourcing, become a fill-in program for short and long term leaves, or just come to your aid during hard times when deadlines are looming.


Per-record billing guarantees an efficient billing cycle that is easy to predict, easy to understand, and easy to manage.


There is no cost to set up a coding team. Since we bill per record, we only charge you for work performed, and you are not charged for any error that affects billing.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the time it takes to code a particular record type. For example, if your facility has an average inpatient productivity rate of 5 records per hour, then your price per record would be half the price of a facility whose productivity is 2.5 records per hour.

Our coding supervisor will code several records, documenting the time it takes to code each type. Each record type will have an hourly price that we use to determine the price per record.

How can Coding Teams be used?

Teams can be used in any way, shape, or form as needed. Teams can be used as a backlog service for any specialty, as a supplement to any department, or as a way to manage backlog projects. They can be used as an interim solution until you are able to fill a permanent candidate, or as your managed coding team.

We can work alongside existing staffing companies, or within or around an MSP program. The point is you can use the teams as much or as little as you want for any department across the hospital system. We can be a backup resource, a regular supplement to your existing in-house coders, or your fully outsourced coding solution

Do you have minimum and maximum requirements?

AMS Health offers the most flexible service available anywhere – there are no minimum or maximum requirements to have a coding team in place.

We work with you across the scale, whether you’re a small rural hospital with 2 full-time medical coders that would like to have a team in place in case of a leave of absence, or a large city hospital looking to outsource all of its coding. We can handle and facilitate both large and small record volumes.

Full department outsourcing?

AMS Health can provide full, partial, and specific department outsourcing. If you elect to use us as your primary support staff, we can incorporate your existing full-time staff as well as coding supervisors into our team.

We offer extremely competitive compensation and benefits to full-time employees. Because of the difficulties and complexities of ICD-10, more and more facilities are looking to outsource, and AMS Health can help you achieve your department’s goals.

How is work monitored?

Work is monitored using our custom workforce platform. When a coder starts working on a record, they document the medical record number and type, and that becomes immediately visible to the hospital. Once the coder has completed the record they check it off as being completed, and again the status is visible in real-time for the hospital. Notes and comments are also tracked by the system to ensure that all records are completed correctly and efficiently.

We also have strict quality assurance guarantees. In addition to this, any work with errors that result in billing issues will be refunded.


There is no cost to set up the coding teams, and AMS Health organizes, on-boards, and trains at zero cost to the facility.

Since we bill per record you only pay for work performed correctly. If we make an error that affects billing, we either fix it immediately at no charge, or if the correction is made on your side, we will not charge you for that record. Our software makes it very easy to flag records where you feel there is a dispute

We offer 3 levels of support

1. As Needed Support

Your back-up team to cover temporary leaves and census spikes.
This level is appropriate for 0-2000 records (or 0-2 FTEs).

2. Supplement to Existing Staff

We act as a regular supplement to your workforce, alongside your current staff.
This level is appropriate for 2001-5000 records (or 2-5 FTEs).
Volume discounts apply

3. Partnership / Full Outsourcing

Complete outsourcing of 1 or more departments.
This level is appropriate for 5000+ records (or 5+ FTEs).
Volume discounts apply


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