The Health Datapalooza, born from the Department’s Health Data Initiative, is one of the few conferences that meaningfully explores the power and promise that open health data holds, and the opportunity to see how that data can serve patients. This is vitally important as the Department is working to help more people access quality, affordable health care and transform our health care system to deliver better care, smarter spending, and healthier people. An essential part of this transformation is putting individuals at the center of the health care system by empowering them to directly engage with their care and take ownership of their health. For the Department, this means continuing our work to make prices and quality information accessible; providing the right tools and resources to help people navigate the system; and listening to the patient voice.

We’re all represented by data, and we all benefit from having access to data.  The Health Datapalooza offers opportunities to reach out and talk to the decision makers, the developers, the deliverers of health care – all in the same place.

Now in its seventh year, join Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell and other HHS leaders to focus in on this year’s theme around the value of data and the direct impact it can have on health. In particular, there is a special focus on health care consumers and patients, acknowledging that health care and outcomes can only be improved when we listen. This year’s event features an entire consumer track that will focus on topics like how to rate doctors and hospitals, assisting consumers in wading through many sources of data, and addressing consumer privacy concerns.

“It’s not hard to think of examples of how awful our healthcare system can be.  But if it’s your mission to make it better, you’ve got to be at Health Datapalooza, where patients can speak truth to power, providing critical insights as ideas leap on and off the drawing boards, and where all stakeholders including clinicians, researchers, government and hospital systems can learn from and be inspired by each other’s viewpoints, experience and vision,” reflects Francie Grace, Patient and Consumer Representative on the Health Datapalooza Steering Committee.


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