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Learning Management(i Learn)

AMS’s Knowledge Management System ensures that we remain up-to-date, intelligent, and proficient

Our knowledge management system, called iLearn, helps our employees to connect, learn, share, and grow with our goals and your goals. iLearn helps our team stay current with changing guidelines, reduce error rates, and enable efficient knowledge transfer.

Our Knowledge Management System focuses on

  • On and off the floor training
  • Management, tracking, and reporting of our employee performance
  • A single repository of client guidelines and processes so we can scale without having to be retrained

Industry-specific Training

AMS has a very systematic hiring approach. All of our medical billing employees have obtained a bachelors degree, and many have masters and post-graduate degrees as well. In addition to this level of education, we take great pride in ensuring that each new recruit goes through an extensive medical billing training program. During this ten week process, employees learn all facets of the billing process including learning about the US healthcare system, what happens at the provider’s office, hospital environments, and how claims get submitted and paid. This comprehensive program prepares our agents to provide a full range of revenue cycle management services to our client base.