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Customer Benefits

We want to see your company grow with us. At AMS, we don’t see ”Customers”…we see ”Partners”


AMS is committed to delivering customer satisfaction and excellent performance. Our Client Service Executives (CSEs) in the United States focus on you, our Partner.

Each AMS CSE has worked in a US-based RCM office or insurance company at some point in their career. They understand the issues and can help resolve them with the offshore teAMS.

AMS has put checks and balances in place to guarantee compliance with all relevant Medicare, Medicaid, Coding, and HIPAA rules and regulations. Omega provides Implementation Management to ensure a smooth transition of your work and processes.

AMS Healthcare provides a unique set of business outsourcing services that allow our customers to utilize highly educated and proficient labor to:

  • Scale your business – no more worrying about finding qualified resources for prospective clients
  • Diversify into new business lines – have the ability to offer new services by tapping into our vast expertise across multiple platforms and specialties
  • Increase cash flow and decrease turnaround times – get work done overnight and reduce monthly overtime expenses and costs
  • Lower your costs – up to 40% or more in savings
  • Reduce administrative overhead and hassles – less worry about your turnover or finding qualified staff to perform daily routine or complex tasks
  • Reduce infrastructure and CAPEX costs – allow AMS to secure the items needed to grow your business so that you can focus on your clients